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“The Mercenary’s Harp” at Open: Journal of Arts And Letters

I have a new poem available on Open:Journal of Arts and Letters’ website:

The Mercenary’s Harp

Poem from Willow Springs


Here’s a poem from 2007.  Thanks to generous editors at Willow Springs, who were kind enough to give it a home back in 2010:


The time we found those three dead kids,
tucked away in a cluster of oaks.
How, as I held them in my arms—
so white so small so soft—
the wind raking their fur,
their eyelids never opened.
The finality of death
surprises me still,
the way I never notice prickly pear
until I’m in it,
how, even tonight, I find needles
sticking through my shoe.

“My Wife the Tornado” Featured on The Laurel Review’s Site

The Laurel Review was kind enough to feature one of my poems this week.

Here’s a link: “My Wife the Tornado

Poems for Father’s Day

Here’s a list of great poems for Father’s Day:

Digging” by Seamus Heaney

Winter Stars” by Larry Levis

Working Late” by Louis Simpson

My Dad’s Wallet” by Raymond Carver

My Papa’s Waltz” by Theodore Roethke

The Golden Shovel” by Terrance Hayes

Descent,” by Andrew Purcell

O My Pa-Pa” by Bob Hicok

This Hour and What Is Dead” by Li-Young Lee

The Lost Pilot” by James Tate

The Ghost of Weather” by Bruce Bond

Mrs. Hill” by B.H. Fairchild






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