The Laurel Review (2015): “My Wife the Tornado” (online feature)

NightBlock (2017): “Hope, Despair, & Some Sense of Knowledge Courtesy of EurekaAlert! and ScienceDaily” and “The Soul

fluland (2017): “Moonsong,” “The Future,” If I Were to Come Here,” “Apocalypse Now, Booby Trap,” “What Becomes Us,” and “Beyond It

Fried Chicken And Coffee (2016): “The Last Thanksgiving” (reprint from Tar River Poetry)

Rattle (2016): “Post-Op” 

Tar River Poetry (2016): “The Beginning of Tomorrow Starts Now

NightBlock (2014): “Shove’s OCD”“Shove at the Supermarket”, & “Shove Takes a Bath But Can’t Turn Off the Faucet”

Punchnel’s (2013): “The Blind Spot in the Middle of My Vision” & “They Say”

Birdfeast (2013): “A Coyote Named Jeff” & “A Town with No Voices”

Blue Mesa Review (2012): “The Future Is Brilliant in the Way It Rations Suffering”

DIAGRAM (2012): “Why So Many of My Heroes Are Outlaws from the 1930s”

The Minnesota Review (2012) (courtesy of Project MUSE): “John Wayne, Buddy Holly, & the Lindsey Theater”

The Oklahoma Review (2006): “When He Knocks”