Concho River Review: Review of Octavio Quintanilla’s If I Go Missing


Hobart (2016): “Understand, I Wasn’t Always This Way

Cosmonaut’s Avenue (2015): “Kind of Like a Hospital, Nothing Like a Church”

War, Literature, & the Arts (2015): “Mutilations: Custer”

Santa Ana River Review (formerly CRATE) (2013): “I Was Afraid of Dying”

The Thing Itself (2013): “Break into Vanishing” & “To Sit in the Not Knowing”

Front Porch (2009): “The Latin Professor”

DM (2008): “Lubbock, Texas”

Why Are We In Iraq? (2007): “Semper Fi”


Reading @ Syracuse’s Goldstein Alumni & Faculty Center, Syracuse MFA Graduation, April 2013 (w/ introduction by Mary Karr):


Reading @ The Warehouse in Tallahassee, Summer 2015 (w/ introduction by Alex Quinlan):

Taylor Collier Poetry Reading

David Wojciechowski reading my poem, “Dear C,” for Fjords Public Poetry Series:

Video Essay Project w/ Chris Dollard featuring Phil Levine’s reading of “They Feed They Lion”:

A Video Essay Project featuring Larry Levis’s poem “The Widening Spell of the Leaves” accompanied by an assemblage of home footage of driving through the Carpathian mountains (not mine: thx, youtube) + govt. footage of the Japanese internment camps:


The Freshwater Review (2018): “Man-Bun Magic” and “Good News”

Poet Lore (2018): “Marital Art”

Smartish Pace (2016): “The Time Dad Killed a Rabid Skunk”

Rattle (2016): “Post-Op” (placed top 20 out of 15,000 in the 2015 poetry competition)

The Freshwater Review (2016): “Each Defeat a Mirror,” “I Am Nothing More Than My Experiences,” and “Where It All Began”

Barrow Street (2016): “Who’s to Say”

Tar River Poetry (2016): “The Beginning of Tomorrow Starts Now

The Laurel Review (2015): “My Wife the Tornado

The Freshwater Review (2015): “Finding Myself Outside of Bigfoot, Texas” (winner of the 2015 Rose Warner Poetry Prize, temp. available on their homepage)

Whiskey Island (2015): “The Edge of the Well

Zone 3 (2015): “Hysterical” & “The Man Upstairs”

The Normal School (2014): “The Night’s Not Finished, But It’s Leaning against the Wall”

The Thing Itself (2014): “To Sit in the Not Knowing” & “Break into Vanishing”

Washington Square (2013): “The Abbreviated Mirror”

Tar River Poetry (2013): “Bull Snake”

Four Chambers (2013): “Wife-itude”

Writer’s Bloc (2013): “Long Division,” “You Said You Could Take Care of a Baby Elephant,” & “The Redheaded Stepchild”

Harpur Palate (2012): “The Morning after Our Last Trip”

The Minnesota Review (2012): “John Wayne, Buddy Holly, & The Lindsey Theater” Project MUSE

American Poetry Journal (2012): “Yes”

Southern Indiana Review (2012): “We’re Only Good at Making Things that Kill”

Yemassee (2012): “Varnish”

South Dakota Review (2011): “Elegy with the Rattle of a Dead Light Bulb” & “And the Knives”

Willow Springs (2011): “In a Goat Pasture Just outside of Cross Cut, Texas”

Tar River Poetry (2010): “The Last Thanksgiving”

North Texas Review (2009): “Spring Begins in Denton, Texas” (poem inside the linked PDF)

Sou’wester (2009): “Why Our Walls Are Angry”

Plain Spoke (2008): “The Way Francis Smiles” & “Resthaven”

Zygote in My Coffee (2007): “Ant Beds”