Here’s a list of the poets and poems I’ve written about on my site:

Eric Berlin: “Night Errand

Hayden Carruth: “The Loon on Forrester’s Pond

Emily Dickinson: “I Had No Time to Hate

Alan Dugan: “Closing Time at the Second Avenue Deli

Denis Johnson: “Night

Laura Kasischke: “My Beautiful Soul

Mary Karr: “The Patient

Weldon Kees: “Subtitle

Bill Knott : “Interruptus

Larry Levis: “Overhearing the Dollmaker’s Ghost on the Riverbank

Octavio Quintanilla: “Sonnet with All Its Grief Cut Out

Frank Stanford: “Nautilus” and “Politicians

Ryan Vine: “Conversations on a Deck

James Wright: “Today I Was So Happy, So I Made This Poem

W.B. Yeats: “A Coat